Zechbau GmbH

With subsidiaries and offices throughout Germany, Zechbau GmbH is one of the largest German family-run businesses in the building sector. Since its founding in 1909, Zechbau has long since developed from a construction company to a full-service provider in the building industry. Its main area of operations lies in turnkey high-rise construction and special buildings.

Kamü Bau GmbH

Structural engineering, civil engineering and renovation – Kamü Bau GmbH realizes demanding construction and redevelopment projects, from the construction of complex industrial properties to the entire spectrum of civil engineering. The company, which was founded 50 years ago, is primarily active in the north-German area.

Kamü Projektbau GmbH

As a general building contractor that operates supra-regionally, Kamü Projektbau GmbH offers a comprehensive service that includes consulting, planning and also the realisation and reconstruction of industrial and commercial properties. The emphases of our activities lie in turn-key constructions of social care properties as well as warehouse and manufacturing buildings.

Muntebau GmbH

Whether the task is turnkey industrial and commercial construction or redevelopment and renovation – Muntebau GmbH is the right partner for the job, when it comes to the widest variety of construction services in the area of greater Hanover.

BWE-Bau Fertigteilwerk GmbH + BFP Betonfertigteile Pulheim GmbH

More than just pouring concrete into shape. With innovative production and assembly solutions, our prefabricated concrete works belong to the best-performance suppliers in Germany. Apart from pre-stressed concrete parts, all sorts of finished components and wall and facade elements, we also provide receptacles and scales.  

Ecotec GmbH

The architects and engineers of Ecotec GmbH plan and install the entire range of modern household and building technology: for heating, ventilation, sanitation, electrical facilities and regenerative energy. We take care of the entire economic planning and the facility management.   

Renke Gebäudetechnik GmbH

Renke Gebäudetechnik GmbH settles all of the customer's requirements, from sanitation, heating and electrical facilities to regenerative energy, from small repairs in private households to equipping of large-scale upmarket commercial properties with building technology. 

InFaCon GmbH

Infacon GmbH is a young planning office for innovative facade designs. The engineers develop building exteriors for properties with high architectural aspirations, allowing at the same time for structural and physical specifications while integrating economic and solution-oriented aspects.