Soil Treatment

For treating contaminated soil we have the biggest integrated network of self-owned stationary and mobile soil-purification plant in Germany. This plant employs chemical and manual treatment processes developed by us. In this context we move more than two million tons of contaminated and treated soil and soil-related materials from - and later back to - its natural and economic environment every year.

Water and sewage treatment

As a general rule, it can be said that contaminated soils also contaminate the ground water. One of our central tasks is to alleviate this safety hazard. In order to achieve this, we effectively and successfully combine a variety of different approaches. Also when, for instance, this refers to oils or hydrocarbon fuels. In the course hereof, our engineers continually develop new engineering methods that serve both mankind and the environment. What is more, we also offer all-in-one solutions for drinking water, sewage and process water purifications, as well as for process water generation and irrigation.

Purification of Waste Air

Wherever industry releases emissions, whether in commercial works or in purification or composting plants, we free the air of its odorous substances and impurities - reliably and economically. Air contamination can also have its origins in the soil. In such cases we extract the pollutants from the soil or groundwater in a current of air, and then convert these biologically.

Management of Materials Flow

With the help of our materials-flow management we are able to protect resources, reduce CO2 emissions and save on costs. Employing our know-how we can create lasting cycles that can, for example, convert oil-contaminated, perishable packaging materials to chemically uniform secondary plastics using a self-developed process. This makes it possible to produce a high-quality, reusable grist for recycling derived from essentially unused waste material.

Area Recycling

With a combination of competence and experience gathered over decades, we are able to free our land from all sorts and quantities of residual pollution and contaminants. Whether industrial or trade areas, military matters or fallow transport areas, our specialists can develop a clean-up concept for in every case - and all from a single source. This enables us, taking a case in point, to revitalize developed real estate in the best locations, instead of always seeking new areas for further urbanization.

Earthworks and landfill construction

All activities for construction, but also for remediation and final covering can be carried out directly from one source. What is more, with us, the operation of disposal sites is in competent hands.  Acceptance and incorporation of landfill materials, degassing as well as utilisation of the gas, seepage water catchment and treatment – we can provide solutions to all of these are challenges.

Flood protection

Due to numerous flooding events in the last decade, flood protection along rivers has in the meantime become an environmental protection issue of significant importance. We have already been involved in this specific field for many years and are able to offer our extensive expertise in a variety of different questions.