The field of industry is represented by the business unit for industrial holdings. The holding company NWI Group has shareholdings mainly in production companies with a widespread field of operations.

Acceptance of Entrepreneurial Responsibility
We have a heterogeneous holdings portfolio and have concentrated on the purchase and active participation in companies that are mainly in states of upheaval. In many cases it was not possible for owner-run companies to undertake a generation change. Acceptance of entrepreneurial responsibility instead of pure financial investment gives rise to a win situation for both sides. The holding activities embrace mutually independent, self-managed firms amongst which there are also start-up companies. As an active partner and shareholder with the necessary capital at its disposal we offer our assistance to our portfolio companies, but we do not see ourselves in the role of the classical financial investor. The operational side of the business remains in the hands of the respective management in each case. Strategic decisions, however, are made jointly.

Long-Term Commitment Instead of Pure Financial Investment
Our cooperation is based on long-term with steady, healthy business development. Apart from financing, our Group can also make other management functions available. The aim here is to further develop the holdings such that a secure long-term market position based on stable competitiveness is achieved. During this process the continuity and independence of the company are maintained.