HTB Engenharia e Construção S.A.

HTB Engenharia e Construção S.A., headquartered in São Paulo, is a 91% subsidiary of Zech International Holding. It is one of the leading construction service providers in Brazil. HTB Engenharia e Construção S.A. was founded in 1966 and with its roughly 1,600 employees it undertakes projects for well-known national and international clients all over Brazil.
The main focus of operations lies on the construction of buildings and commercial facilities as well as industrial and infrastructure projects.  In addition to the "classic" implementation and realization of complex construction projects of the highest quality, the company‘s portfolio also includes consulting and design services during the pre-construction phases.

Construtora Tedesco Ltda.

The medium-sized Brazilian construction and real–estate company Construtora Tedesco Ltda. from the state of Rio Grande do Sul exists in second generation since 1948. Approximately 120 employees work at the company head office in Porto Alegre and its various construction sites. For its longstanding clients Construtora Tedesco  implements commercial, industrial and office projects. Furthermore it delivers hotel, leisure as well as infrastructure facilities. The 92% shareholding is held by HTB Engenharia e Construção S.A., a subsidiary of Zech International Holding.

KERN Engenharia Ltda.

KERN Engenharia Ltda. was founded at the beginning of 2015. The majority stake is held by HTB Engenharia e Construção S.A., a subsidiary of Zech International Holding.

It is a company specialized in the construction of logistics and distribution centers as well as small industrial plants. KERN is a guarantee for quality, working all over the Brazilian territory with operational efficiency, technical competence, competitive terms and prices, as well as continuous cost optimization.

Alpine Mayreder Construction Co. Ltd (AMCC)

AMCC‘s head office is located in Beijing. The company has been continually active in the Chinese market for over 30 years and at the end of 2013 it became a 100% subsidiary of Zech International Holding. AMCC focuses its  activities on the construction of office and hotel buildings as well as industrial installations all over China.  The team consisting of 50 members of staff is made up from internationally experienced expatriates as well as qualified local employees and is a competent and reliable partner for international customers.

ONP Management GmbH

ONP, a technical consultancy company for Offshore Wind projects, has its headquarter in Hamburg and is a subsidiary of Zech International Holding GmbH, which holds a 70% stake in the business.


Founded in 2014, ONP, with its 35-strong staff, provides services to international project owners and investors of offshore wind power plants for the implementation of their complex projects throughout the project’s lifecycle – from the project’s initiation to its operation. The sum of the comprehensive expertise, the individual specialist knowledge and the long-term project experience of ONP’s employees creates the foundation on which we build to achieve a targeted increase in value for our clients, be it during individual project phases or for entire turn-key power plants by advising in the areas of financing, development, construction and operation.

ICT Facilities GmbH

ICT Facilities GmbH is a technical engineering company specializing in the planning and construction of data centers and telecommunication systems. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zech International Holding GmbH.


In this segment, ICT Facilities has a team with many years of international experience in the conceptual design, planning and construction of highly available, energy-efficient data centers as well as complete end-to-end solutions from a single source.


ICT Facilities provides modular solutions for data centers which minimize investment and operating costs and grow with the customer’s requirements. The scope of services ranges from consultancy services during the preparation of a project, integrated planning of all trades throughout all phases of a project’s implementation, integration of autonomous power plants or innovative cooling concepts as well as the provision of flexible modular solutions.

SiteLog GmbH

The name SiteLog stands for the professional planning and execution of construction logistics services in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. With its experienced team and its in-house IT systems, SiteLog succeeds in managing the manifold processes related to a construction project using Lean Construction principles. SiteLog is a 75 % subsidiary of Zech International Holding and since its foundation in 2014, SiteLog has in a very short time managed to establish close ties with well-known DAX companies and to position itself in the market as a top quality provider.