Values, Continuity and Responsibility...
For Generations Now & For Generations To Come!

The Zech Group is, at heart, a family business that is more than 100 years young.

In the course of three generations we have expanded our various fields of business continuously. What never changes is our motivation: to create value for our customers. With a clear, solid strategy we pursue healthy business growth and increasing internationalization. Fast, well-considered decisions and the will to explore new ways are what characterize the Zech Group.

All this is based on the knowledge, the know-how and the commitment of our employees. To the benefit of our customers and partners, who profit from our decades of gathering experience and the enormous potential of our business group. The Zech Group stands for personal responsibility and a long-term, lasting business strategy. For generations now & for generations to come.

Kurt Zech

Shareholder of the Zech Group, took over the family business in 1978 from his father and extended it continuously to form the Zech Group.