Project development Oskar Helene Park, Berlin

On the grounds of the former Prussian hospital foundation “Oskar-Helene-Heim”, in the middle of Dahlem, Berlin’s exclusive residential district, we are constructing a total of 128 new housing units consisting of semi-detached and terraced houses as well as premium-quality single-storey apartments with a total living space of 15,540 square metres. We are also renovating 72 apartments in a small residential high-rise, directly adjacent to which there will also be an innovative health and wellness centre, an international daycare facility for children and local amenities.

Project development Butzweilerhof, Cologne-Ossendorf

Planned against the backdrop of the historical airport is a residential building with around 600 housing units, underground car parks, local amenities and a daycare facility for children. The plot of land, which covers an area of around 38,000 square metres, is located on the “Kulturmeile” (Culture Mile), which is being built around the former hangar. An urban development competition is being held for this project, together with the City of Cologne.

Project development Rheingold, Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

The project development covers an area on Düsseldorfer Strasse / the corner of Hectorstrasse in the popular Düsseldorf district of Oberkassel. From the second quarter of 2013 around 2000 square metres of living space spread over 15 apartments are being constructed in this highly sought-after residential area, which is close to the city, on a plot of land covering an area of 1,342 square metres. 25 underground parking spaces complete the offer.

Project development New Waves, Eschborn

The New Waves office property is being built in a first-class location in Eschborn near Frankfurt/Main. Here, the building adapts itself to the people – and not the other way round. The highest priority is the health and well-being of the future users, which is the best foundation for a productive working relationship. A foyer, which opens up to all the floors and to the sky, spacious rooftop terraces and a variety of restaurants are a few reasons that make the time spent working here as enjoyable as possible.

Project development “blickpunkte”, Stuttgart

The “blickpunkte” project consists of three cubic buildings that, with their light-flooded apartments and a myriad of different perspectives for looking out into the distance or gaining a wonderful view of the countryside, succeed in convincing visitors of their merits. However, the attraction of this residential complex, with a total living area of 4,450 square metres, is not only to be found in its attractive panoramic views, but also with its generous landscape architecture and its location directly by the new Boulevard of the Europaplatz, in the Fasanenhof district of Stuttgart.

Property funds 98 Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

The investment opportunity 98 DFH property funds Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf is investing in a complex of buildings with a total investment volume of 361 million euros. The new building, which will be completed by the end of 2012, has been fully let to Vodafone D2 GmbH until 2032. Alongside office space for the roughly 5,000 staff, the ensemble of buildings on a plot of nearly 27,000 square metres will accommodate offices and conference rooms, shops, a gym, event space, a restaurant and a child day care centre.

Project development GERBER Quarter in Stuttgart

In the south of Stuttgart’s inner city Württembergische Lebensversicherung are constructing a new quarter for shopping, working and living: GERBER. As a continuation of the shopping mile they are developing a mall, which opens out onto three sides, therefore linking the inner city with other areas. Apartments and offices are grouped around an inner courtyard above the three light-flooded shopping levels. This means that the previous office mono-structure will now be replaced by an urban mixed solution for the space.

Project development Il Castello in Cologne

At the heart of the site of the former children’s homes in Cologne-Sülz we are developing the Il Castello building project. It includes two buildings with private inner courtyards and 33 owner-occupied apartments, as well as 7 townhouses. The sizes of the apartments range from 37 to 165 square metres. The winning design by Molestina Architekten fulfils the high requirements in terms of urban development as well as the varying demands of the future inhabitants on architectonic design and fittings.

Property funds 97 for the Fürstenhof office building in Frankfurt am Main

The investment offer for 97 DFH property funds for the Fürstenhof office building in Frankfurt am Main provides investors with the opportunity to have a share in an office building that is centrally located in Frankfurt am Main and which, up until 2020, is also completely let to Commerzbank AG (formerly Dresdner Bank AG). The fund property has a total rental space of around 18,450 m² and approx. 200 car parking spaces.

Vodafone Campus Office Quarter, Düsseldorf

The Vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf-Heerdt is being built in the space of 27 months. The tenancy agreement with Vodafone D2 GmbH comprises around 86,000 m2 of office space and has a duration of 20 years. Here, the telecommunications provider is bringing together different locations to form an integrated campus project. On the former Gatzweiler grounds a 19-storey office tower, three building blocks and a multi-storey car park are just some of the buildings under construction. The total investment volume amounts to more than 300 million Euros.

Green Living Holzhausen Project Development, Frankfurt/Main

The transformation of an administrative building into modern apartments is opening up new opportunities in Frankfurt’s popular Nordend quarter. The spacious residential complex comprising 20 units offers the right dimensions for everyone; whether you’re looking for a flat, an apartment with light-flooded balconies, a maisonette with two open-plan floors and a garden, a townhouse with three floors or a penthouse apartment with an extensive rooftop terrace and views of the Frankfurt skyline.

Property funds 89 for the “Kö” office building in Düsseldorf

With a share in property funds for the “Kö” office building in Düsseldorf investors are investing in a centrally-located office building in Düsseldorf. The eight-floor building consists of three parts. Two parts of the building were constructed in 1952 with a natural stone façade and then fully modernised between 1987 and 1989. The parts of the building on Breite Straße/Trinkausstraße and the atrium area were newly built between 1983 and 1985. A part of the façade along Breite Straße is listed as a historic landmark. The building, with a total rental space of around 34,500 m², is fully let.

Seeside Project Development, Konstanz

The Seeside residential area is being built on a prominent hillside location with views of Lake Constance and the Alps. Located just 300 metres from the lakeshore, a total of seven L-shaped houses are being constructed. The 48 residential units offer a symbiosis of an exceptional nature experience and clear-cut architecture. The cubic buildings make reference to the predominant form of the farmsteads nearby and are carefully embedded into the landscape.

Palais du Rhin Project Development, Cologne

The project aims to provide a high-quality, contemporary and respectful response to the neo-Baroque Villa Oppenheim. The ensemble comprises the carefully renovated villa, the newly designed park and the two new, modern premium residential buildings.

Kö-Bogen Project Development, Düsseldorf

The Kö-Bogen project, at the heart of Düsseldorf between Hofgarten, Königsallee and Schadowplatz, is the city's more important planning project in the coming years. In a very unique way, the architect Daniel Libeskind combines the near vicinity with his design to give the location an entirely new significance. The buildings take on the sweeping form of the neighbouring buildings, while the facade is interrupted by green areas. The main focus of utilization is on retailers and offices, though gastronomy also plays a supporting role.

Livecam Kö-Bogen

Phoenixbau Project Development, Stuttgart

The Phoenixbau is a real-estate project in a top location that offers exclusive utilization for the trade and service sectors. With a striking, modern facade design the real estate fits harmoniously into the historical city environment. Basement, ground floor and the first two upper storeys are intended for retailers who can take advantage of the two-storey shop-front display windows. The four storeys above them offer flexible design for offices with a unique views of the nearlying vicinity.

The Weiße Haus Project Development, Stuttgart

The Weiße Haus project has been realized in the best inner-city location in Stuttgart. The name, which means "White House" derives from the shining-white smooth concrete facade. The ground floor and the six upper storeys contain retailer outlets and offices. The crowning glory is provided by a roof terrace forming part of a gallery. In November 2008 this property won the Construction Award 2008 given by the Baden-Württemberg State Association of the Federal German Association of Architects (BDA).

BRILLissimo Project Development, Bremen

In a top location in Bremen, the BRILLissimo office and commercial building is the result of a conversion of a typically 1970s-style department store into a spacious and light-flooded entrée to the inner city. The transparent facade enables passers-by to see into the property, while users and customers for their part can enjoy the view of one of the busiest places in the Hanseatic city.

Concentio Assets Structure Funds

The concept of the Concentio assets structure funds follows the modern portfolio theory: with the right mix of several investments higher returns can be achieved with less risk. With just one share the asset structure funds offer the opportunity to participate in asset class real estate, movable assets and private equity. The investment offer is aimed at private individuals who want to invest in a productive investment with a broad dispersion.

Lighthouse Project Development, Düsseldorf

The office project "Lighthouse" is a part of the "Entrepreneur City” in Düsseldorf-Derendorf. Over the past few years the former grounds of Rheinmetall AG, which extend to 90,000 square metres, have been developed as a high-quality working, residential and services environment. Working and living here form a symbiosis. The attractive and flexible Lighthouse concept serves as a light signal for Düsseldorf's north, further enhancing the area as a whole. Picture: Max Hampel/Petzinka Pink Architekten

Rothenbaumchaussee Project Development, Hamburg

With the charm of classical architecture, apartments with up to 392 square metres of floor space are being erected in Hamburg's Rothenbaumchaussee. One special feature here is that the historical columned doorway on the ground floor of the former palace, dating from 1877, will remain intact. As a contrast to this, the above-lying facade has been completed in a clear and modern architectural design.

Harvestehuder Weg Project Development, Hamburg

In the heart of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg we have erected representative and high-quality residential environments with the exclusive address of Harvestehuder Weg. Situated on Lake Außenalster, which has many cultural, sporting and educational facilities in the direct neighbourhood, this is a meting place for rest and dynamism.

Meckelfeld Neue Mitte Speciality Store Project Development, Seevetal

The new speciality shopping centre in Seevetal near Hamburg offers retailers the opportunity of catering for their customers in a modern and attractive central environment. More that 8,000 square metres of floor space will provide for food stores, textile outlets and chemists' shops. Spaciously planned, flexi-design areas will in future be available for offices and doctors' surgeries. With this residential and commercial centre a "neue Mitte" [new centre-point] will be created in the community.

Wohnstiftfonds Augustinum Killesberg, Stuttgart

With plans drawn up by the DFH Wohnstiftfonds Augustinum Killesberg in Stuttgart investors are putting their money into a project of stable value at a very good location on the Killesberg hill in Stuttgart. In an attractive location, halfway up a hill, an apartment complex has been created with around 300 one to three room apartments, spread over a total of eight houses. Retail facilities, a doctor’s practice, café/restaurant and communal facilities complete the offer. Augustinum GmbH, Munich, has rented the entire residential complex for 30 years.