Utilizing a team of more than 200 employees located in Bremen, the Zech Management GmbH has two principal functions: Firstly it is the central service provider for the group as well as the operating entities. It also provides a wide variety of services to the parent company Zech Group GmbH.

Furthermore, the Zech Management GmbH supports the Executive Board as well as staff by the adherence to and achievement of business targets – in affect the “corporate conscience” of the group.


The Zech Management GmbH incorporates the following departments:

  • Corporate Controlling & Planning
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Corporate Tax
  • Group Accounting & Planning
  • Corporate Finance and Treasury
  • Corporate Legal Department and Insurances
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Human Resources
  • Corporate IT and Organization
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Central Services

The Corporate Legal Department reports directly to the Zech Group GmbH.

More information on the Zech Management GmbH departments and services can be found here or by selecting the relevant department in the menu bar.

Faces of Zech Management GmbH

Faces of Zech Management GmbH

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