These are the departments of Zech Management GmbH, with their respective range of services (excerpt):


Corporate Controlling & Planning

  • Support with regard to the strategic and
    operative controlling of the respective
    area of responsibility
  • Reporting systems
  • Business planning for one year and
    multi-annual planning
  • Reports, analyses and projection
  • Risk management and early warning
  • Assistance in due diligence-processes

Corporate Accounting

  • Financial accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Assets accounting
  • Annual financial statements and
    creation of trial balances
  • Open item follow-up and dunning
  • Credit assessment
  • Negotiations with credit insurances
  • Securities management
  • Turnover tax advance returns

Corporate Tax

  • Operative und strategic tax consulting
    and planning
  • Deferred taxes and tax planning
  • Acquisitions /due diligence processes
  • Protection of interests in Tax audits
  • Tax declarations and tax balance sheets
  • (Extra-) judicial appeal procedure
  • Notifications and applications toward
    financial authorities
  • Accompaniment and supervision of the
    preparation of annual accounts in
    accordance with commercial law
  • Representation of interests in the
    professional associations

Group Accounting & Planning

  • Preparation of the group financial
    statements of Zech Group GmbH
  • Preparation of the sub-group financial
  • Consolidated and integrated multi-annual
    balance sheet and financial planning on
    the Zech Group and division level
  • Accompaniment and supervision with
    special projects in matters regarding
  • group accounting
  • Contact persons for auditors and tax
    consultants with the audit of the annual
    financial statements

Corporate Finance and Treasury

  • Cash Management
  • Treasury
  • Interest and foreign
    currency management
  • Administration of bank accounts, provision
    of general bank account information
  • Financing solutions
  • Counselling regarding financial-economic
  • Liquidity planning and liquidity analyses
  • Financial and interest planning
  • Payments clearance

Corporate Legal Department and Insurances

  • Consultation and processing of legal
    questions, in particular in real estate
    and construction law, corporate and
    trademark law, as well as insolvency law
  • Structuring and negotiation of M&A
    projects, regardless of the nature
  • Preparation, initiation and
    accompaniment of processes
  • Representation in all administrative-
    related legal matters
  • Request for price quotes for material
    damage, third party liability, property
    damage and motor vehicle insurances
  • Insurance technical processing and
    finalising of construction projects
  • Maintenance and supervision of companies,
    subsidiaries and properties with regard
    to the insurances to be concluded
  • Settlement of claims

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Group-wide M&A strategy
  • Identification and analysis of potential
    M&A targets
  • Analysis and evaluation of due diligences
  • Execution of M&A projects, from the
    conception up to closing
  • Integration (post-merger integration)
  • Build-up and management of
    inter-disciplinary M&A-Teams

Corporate Human Resources

  • Recruitment
  • Applicant management
  • Account settlement salaries and wages
  • Contract management
  • Consultancy in labour law and social
    law issues
  • Personnel development, further
    education, management trainees
  • Appraisal interviews and target
  • Personnel manuals
  • Execution of certification processes
  • Coordination occupational safety
    and health

Corporate IT and Organization

  • Operation of server systems, networks
    and data lines
  • Provision and maintenance of software
  • Provision and maintenance of hardware
  • Fixed network telephoning
  • IT-hotline and support
  • Hosting of the Internet sites
  • Schooling and consultancy
  • Conceptualisation and commissioning
    of the new locations and
    construction sites

Corporate Communications

  • Corporate identity / corporate design
  • Business furnishing, advertisements,
    publications, printed papers and
    advertising media
  • Corporate presentation
  • Events
  • Marketing activities
  • Company homepages
  • Press and media work, research
  • Editorial management intranet
  • Internal communication
  • Collaboration with interest groups

Central Services

  • Fleet management
  • Mobile telephones and data cards
  • Framework condition negotiations,
    tariff optimisation
  • Data protection
  • Office devices, business machines
    and office furniture
  • Moves
  • Archiving
  • Repeat order printing materials
    and advertising material
  • Facility Management