Zech Group Complaints Portal

Zech Group Complaints Portal

The complaints procedure is available to both internal and external persons to draw attention to human rights and environmental risks and violations that may arise or have arisen in Zech Group SE's own business area and at direct or indirect suppliers or third parties affected by Zech Group SE's supply chain.

Reports and complaints can be submitted online using the form under "Reports & Complaints".

Detailed information on the procedure can be found in the Rules of Procedure (Verfahrensordnung).

  • Reports & Complaints

  • What should be reported?

  • What happens to complaints and reports?

Reports & Complaints

Information and complaints can be submitted online using the form below:

Report a Complaint.


What should be reported?

Possible violations of our compliance policies, as well as human rights or environmental violations, should be reported through the complaints portal. This includes corruption, anti-competitive behaviour, embezzlement, theft and any other criminal act or violation.

What happens to complaints and reports?

Once the information and complaints have been received, they will be reviewed by the relevant body. If possible, the responsible office will then contact the person who provided the information to discuss the facts of the case and take the necessary action to resolve the matter.