Zech Management

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Zech Management GmbH has a team of more than 450 employees and is, as a Shared Service Partner, the central service provider for the parent company of the Zech Group SE and its operative units. With headquarters in Bremen, Zech Management GmbH supports the group in its achievement and adherence of the corporate goals.

  • Controlling

  • Accounting

  • Taxes

  • Group accounting

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • IT

  • Central services

  • DPO

  • Legal matters and insurances

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Corporate communications

  • Compliance


  • Provision and permanent further development of the reporting systems
  • Planning process (annual and multi-annual business planning)
  • Coordination and compilation of monthly closing reports
  • Risk management and early warning systems
  • Constructive critical counterpart function (analyses and projections)
  • Business partner (support with operative and strategic controlling)


  • Central accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Assets accounting
  • Annual financial statements and preliminary balance sheets
  • Outstanding payments follow-up and reminders
  • Solvency checks
  • Credit insurance negotiations
  • Surety management
  • Turnover tax advance returns


  • Operative and strategic tax advice and structuring
  • Latent tax calculations and tax planning calculations
  • Safeguarding of interests in tax audits
  • Tax returns and tax balance sheets
  • Out of court / judicial proceedings
  • Notifications and applications for the tax authorities
  • Overseeing of annual financial statements in accordance with commercial law
  • Safeguarding of interests in industry associations

Group accounting

  • Compilation of group accounts for the Zech Group SE
  • Compilation of subgroup accounts
  • Consolidated and integrated, multi-annual balance sheet and financial planning on the Zech Group as well as divisional level
  • Overseeing special projects in group accounting-related questions
  • Contact for auditors and accountants in the annual audits


  • Cash management, investment
  • Interest and currency management
  • Bank account management, provision of account information (including account opening and closing, power of attorney management, credit card management)
  • Financing and leasing solutions
  • Liquidity planning and analysis
  • Financial and interest planning
  • Payment transactions processing
  • Bank accounting

Human Resources

  • Personnel management
  • Recruitment
  • Applicant management
  • Wage and salary accounting
  • Contract management
  • Personnel development (training and further education) 
  • Coordination of occupational health and safety
  • Labor law (social plans, collective agreements) 
  • Personnel controlling 


  • Operation of server systems, networks and data lines
  • Software provision and support
  • Hardware provision and support
  • Telephony (landline and mobile) 
  • IT hotline and support
  • Website hosting
  • Training and advice
  • Conception and start-up of operations of new sites and building sites

Central services

  • Fleet management
  • Mobile communications management
  • Framework agreement negotiations particularly in C-parts buying
  • Data protection
  • Buying and organisation of office furnishings
  • Removal organisation and support for all nationwide units
  • File archiving support for the various units
  • Cooperation in rental agreement negotiations for the rental of permanent sites
  • Facility management including reception service in the main administrative office

Digitalisation, processes & organisation development

  • Organisation of process management conventions
  • Process documentation, process analysis and reorganisation
  • Coordination of change projects as well as structuring and overseeing of change measures within the framework of digitalisation
  • Organisation of project management conventions
  • Ensuring quality management in accordance with ISO 9001

Legal matters and insurances

  • Permanent availability of specialists in private building law and public procurement law, land law and tenancy law as well as in corporate and cartel law
  • Drafting and assessment of all types of contracts
  • Advising and supporting the company organs as well as the operative units
  • Introduction and overseeing of extrajudicial dispute resolutions
  • Preparation, introduction and overseeing of all legal proceedings
  • Holding of seminars
  • Risk analysis
  • Procuration and assessment of company insurance solutions in the areas of: commercial liability, materials and business interruption, construction work, personal and asset insurance
  • Project insurance
  • Continuous control of installed insurance solutions and adjustments/optimisation to changing framework conditions
  • Risk management consulting – negotiator and optimiser of claims settlement
  • Development and implementation of damage prevention programmes

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Identification and analysis of possible new target companies
  • Company audits and evaluation of these
  • Realisation of M&A projects from conception to contract completion
  • Project management of the integration of new units
  • Development and management of interdisciplinary M&A teams

Corporate communications

  • Corporate identity / corporate design
  • Office equipment, advertisements, publications, print material and advertising materials
  • Company presentations
  • Events, exhibitions, fairs
  • Advertising activities
  • Company homepages
  • PR and research
  • Editorial support – intranet
  • Internal communication
  • Social media


  • Conception and development of a compliance management system
  • Code of Conduct
  • Contact for and advising of management and employees in all compliance-related matters
  • Documentation of compliance cases and reporting